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Business Continuity Plans

Being able to plan, prepare, respond and recover from disruption and disaster events is an important element of business management.

Though we rarely get notice of unfolding events, your Business Continuity Plan can help you minimise the impacts in the face of disaster & recover quicker, allowing your business to continue to operate and reduce financial loss and customer impacts.

Through a facilitated workshop approach, The Mindful Risk Group can work with you to develop your process to effectively respond to the crisis and establish continuity processes, allowing you to operate through the recovery phases and return to “business as usual”.

Our risk-based Business Continuity Workshops, underpinned by current Legislations, Codes and Standards, will identify:

  1. key dependencies and interdependencies for your business
  2. Stakeholders and their responsibilities
  3. Potential disruption events and scenarios that can impact your business
  4. The resources you need to respond and recover

As part of this package and following your Workshop, Mindful Risk will work with you to:

-develop your organisation’s Business Continuity Plan

-design relevant tools and checklists

Other specialised workshops can be provided in this range including:

  1. Pandemic Planning – developing a business-specific Pandemic Plan
  2. Emergency Management Planning- – developing a site-based emergency plan, including warden training

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